Dress Code

Kensal Park encourages students and staff to express their individuality and personal choice through their manner of dress. In doing so, all students and staff are expected to dress in a respectful manner that is appropriate and safe for school activities.

Clothing choices will ensure that:

  • Bare back or midriff are not visible
  • Undergarments are covered
  • Chest and upper thighs are appropriately covered. It is recommended that skirts/shorts/dresses be mid-thigh length
  • Footwear is safe for all types of school activities and is worn at all times
  • Headwear of any type is not worn inside the school, except when required for medical or religious reasons
  • No vulgar, profane or discriminatory language or imagery is visible on clothing or accessories nor the advertising of products that are illegal for minors to purchase

In the event of a dress code violation, a reasonable effort will be made to contact parents as well as address the issue with the student. The dress code will be shared with teachers, parents and students in September and again in April each year as well as posted on the school website. All teachers and parents are encouraged to review the contents of the dress code with students. The final decision will rest with the administration.